How to Make Sure your Passwords are Unhackable

More and more, eveything we do online, from buying tickets, ordering takeway and signing up to an app requires the user to set-up an account and password. Trying to commit all these different passwords to memory is a daunting, if not impossible, task, with each person having on average 100 passwords.

You could have a go at using a simple, easy-to-remember password like abc123 or perhaps favour one complex random password for everything, stored in your smartphone or PC.

We strongly discourage you from doing any of the above, as either alone or combined, they could very likely make you the cybercriminal’s next victim of identity theft.

That’s where an ultimate password manager comes in handy, solving all your password and security dilemmas in one go.

What does a password manager do for you?

A password manager is software that stores, manages and even generates new, random passwords, so you don’t have to.

You can access sites and apps quickly and conveniently without having to recall complex passwords. It brings certainty and security to navigating the digital world.

Comprehensive cyber security features

Apart from the convenience of creating and storing passwords, a password manager should also include comprehensive security features to thwart sophisticated cyber hacking. These features include flexibility in:

  • managing passwords for applications as well as websites
  • secure sharing of passwords
  • ability to revoke sharing
  • using multi-factor authentication to confirm your identity to ensure your password is not being abused in the dark web
  • transferring passwords to chosen individuals when they leave the organisation or in the event of death or incapacity, also referred to as your digital legacy.
  • Security Auditing and reporting
  • Team Management
  • Policies and enforcements

Martarna’s password manager, Keeper Security has built-in mechanisms that cover all these aspects offering its users peace of mind and confidence in their digital and online activities. It is a ‘zero-knowledge’ password manager which means your password and its verification are only known to you and each record is uniquely encrypted with its own derived key, adding an extra layer of protection.

PC Mag advocated Keeper as “offer[ing] a full set of advanced capabilities, a sleek and elegant user interface, and support for every popular platform and browser.”

Notification of compromised passwords

Each time you login to Keeper, its BreachWatch feature will alert you to any of your passwords which are known to be compromised. BreachWatch checks against a list containing 24+ billion compromised passwords. This allows you to immediately update your passwords and take any other necessary protective action.

Martarna can confirm that prior to moving over to Keeper Security, many of its clients had been saving passwords on browsers, phones or speadsheets, leaving them highly exposed. With the ability to access the Breachwatch feature, our clients report that on average 41% of their passwords were compromised, and 73% were being reused for different logins, which significantly heightens your risk of being breached.

If you would like to know how Keeper Security can help your business, organisation or family stay safe in these times of prolific data breaches, contact Martarna.

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