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The greatest cyber security risk to any business today, is the simplest of security concepts: the password. This is a huge headache for companies as breaches are costly, time consuming and can lead to fines and brand damage.

As well as external risks, companies also need to consider internal risks such as inadvertent or intentional password changes or deletion, making this level of protection even more important.

You can protect your business with simple, enterprise-strength password management.

Martarna recommends Keeper Password Manager by Keeper Security, a sophisticated yet easy to use system. All you need to remember is one master password.

Control your passwords on multiple levels

Keeper Password Manager can help you manage, secure, and enforce strong passwords across all employee logins, applications, and sites. Features allow you to:

  • Regulate access to each password, who can share it and with whom.
  • Create shared folders with different attributes, e.g.: private, can’t be updated or shared, or only the owner can update.
  • Enforce password length and complexity for master passwords
  • Enforce the use of two factor authentication.
  • Prevent the extraction of passwords from the system and external sharing
  • Set up real time alerts for high-risk events, e.g.: bulk download, password compromise
  • Limit password manager to designated computers, by blocking its use on mobile devices

Built in security features


Breatchwatch checks against 24 billion compromised passwords worldwide. Each time you login to Keeper, it will flag any of your passwords which may have been compromised, prompting you to update them.

Keeper Extension

You can install the Keeper extension on your browser, allowing you to autofill your logins in seconds.

Anti-phishing protection

If you click on a phishing link mimicking a website stored in your Keeper vault, don’t worry. Keeper will not autofill your details, as it can detect the different web address.

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