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Collaboration is essential to the day-to-day operations of every organization, with both internal and external contacts.

Your business may already be using one of the many off the shelf collaboration system to share files. What you might not be aware of is the varying level of security offered by such systems, which can leave you highly vulnerable to an attack.

To save you time, Martarna has performed an in-depth analysis of the market, researching collaboration systems to find the most secure available and yet still simple to use and competitively priced.

Encryption top of mind

SureDrop features all the benefits of box-style file sharing plus the implementation of best-in-class It’s government level security. It combines state of the art encryption with the productivity benefits of a fully featured file-sharing and collaboration solution.

Built from the ground up with security top of mind, it allows you to upload and share documents, and manage access, editing permissions and version control.

Developed for organisations that take security seriously

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Fragmented file storage

SureDrop’s sophisticated and secure storage system takes each document you upload apart, encrypting each file fragment individually, reassembling the document in its entirety on download to your device.

This innovative storage security feature stops anyone without the necessary master password from decrypting and reassembling your documents.

A detailed audit history is available, including a detailed list of logins, access, sharing and downloading.

100% data sovereignty control

SureDrop hosts all data on Australian based servers. Alternatively, you can opt to host your businesses’ data on your own server.

The system provides end-to-end encryption with state-of-the-art encryption key management to ensure maximum security without compromising performance or the user experience.

For further security, SureDrop encrypts all data and gives you control over your encryption key.

It allows collaboration within the Microsoft 365 environment, allowing you to work seamlessly with other applications.

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