About Us

Let us keep your business cyber safe


We constantly scan the cyber security market to make sure we can respond to our clients immediately, offering the latest solutions.


Our service ethos is client and solution focused. We make sure our clients’ cyber security needs are taken care of, so they can focus on running their businesses.



Our bespoke approach means we can adapt our service to meet each client’s specific needs and circumstances.

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About Us

My background in payroll and human resources systems means I take privacy and the protection of personal information seriously. As an IT consultant, I have used many encryption and privacy tools throughout my career. This has developed my understanding and appreciation of the importance of dealing securely with sensitive personal and commercial information.

I have consulted for global, industry leading organisations, including in Australia; BHP, Inpex, Roy Hill, WesTrac and Woodside, and internationally, ALBA, Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer.

Consulting in the mining and resources sector allowed me to see first-hand the value of having well understood, implemented, and enforced policies and procedures.

As our businesses and personal lives become increasingly digitised, the need for companies to have robust cyber security tools, policies and procedures in place has become even more critical.

Under my leadership, Martarna can guide your organisation and your employees through cyber security training to ensure you are well educated and prepared to tackle one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century.

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