Incident Response

Every company is vulnerable to a security breach. How they respond is the critical factor.

If you’ve been compromised, or experienced a breach, there’s no time to lose. It’s vital to find out what went wrong, how it happened and how you need to respond.

For immediate support, call Martarna +61 8770 19071 or email

We will immediately put you in touch with our trusted partner, Red Pirhana, Australian-based cybersecurity products and services experts, to lead your incident response and work with your team every step of the way.

Being ISO 27001 certified, Red Pirhana follows strict protocols and procedures. You can be assured they will collect all information necessary to determine the extent of the breach and in a format suitable for insurance claims and legal proceedings.

You need to be able to receive accurate & timely alerts from your security system so you can properly spot an incident.

You must respond in a timely manner. If you are breached, every second counts. How quickly you respond is vital to how much damage is caused.

Make an accurate assessment of the situation and analyze the severity of the incident and document findings.

Organise, prioritise, and escalate the incident response activities accordingly, and remember to document all steps

You can’t stop a breach, if you don’t know it’s there - you must have a quality monitoring system in place.

Protect critical sensitive information and data to minimise the impact from the breach

Prepare for adequate business recovery support in the wake of any damage caused

Review the process and adjust any weak points to prevent similar incident and to improve incident handling

What does an incident response involve?

Discovery – a high level situation analysis

Assemble the right team – legal, insurance, public relations

Investigate the root cause – e.g., point of entry, password weakness

Prepare a report – including a situation analysis and remedial steps.

Ongoing maintenance and security

Once the fixes recommended in your incident response report are applied, working with your in-house team, Martarna can organise an independent vulnerability assessment of your newly strengthened network. Think of it as a quality assurance check.

We also recommend ongoing monthly assessments to keep one step ahead of threat actors and identify new vulnerabilities which can appear at any time.

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