Vulnerability Assessment

Nothing remains static in the virtual world. Hackers are scanning the internet for weaknesses every minute of the day and you don’t want to be their next victim.

You need to find your system’s weak spots before you are subject to an attack, which is why we recommend a vulnerability assessment as the critical first step in securing your network.

We understand the importance of cyber security for small to medium businesses, just like yours.

So, if you prefer to focus on running your business successfully rather than worrying about your vulnerabilities, Martarna can help.

Vulnerabilities are the most common entry point

Scanning for and exploiting vulnerabilities was the number one path (infection vector) hackers took to exploit cybersecurity vulnerabilities in 2020, according to the 2021 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index.

Attackers are searching networks for unpatched issues or common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) and exploiting those. It is now the most common and successful way to gain access to a network, having overtaken phishing emails and credential theft.

Rather than hope for the best, you need to take a proactive approach to managing your vulnerabilities. A critical first step is to undergo a vulnerability assessment.

What is a vulnerability assessment?

A vulnerability assessment will reduce the likelihood of you being a hacker’s next victim. Think of it as a health check for your network – prevention rather than cure.

Exposing weaknesses early lets you take steps to improve your security and protect your system from threat actors.

A vulnerability assessment is quick, straightforward, and effective. It comprises of:

  1. Briefing – to develop an understanding of your system
  2. Testing – to carry out a thorough scan of your system, with no disruption to your operations
  3. Identification – to find areas of weakness
  4. Reporting – to document vulnerabilities found and provide recommendations

Ongoing maintenance and security

Once the fixes recommended in your vulnerability assessment report are applied, we strongly advise a follow up vulnerability assessment. This lets you check the strength of newly implemented defenses and identify any new and remaining weaknesses.

Working with your in-house team, Martarna can organise an independent vulnerability assessment of your newly strengthened network.

We also recommend ongoing monthly assessments to keep one step ahead of the threat actors and identify new vulnerabilities which can appear at any time.

You might also want to consider further challenging your system with penetration testing.

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