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I trust Peter at Martarna completely with my cyber security. The password manager Keeper is a game changer for the security of my clients' passwords. I'm loving the peace of mind knowing that my clients data, and mine, is secure. I would definitely recommend Martarna and Keeper password manager.



Martarna’s Keeper Password Manager keeps you safe from cyber hackers. You only have to remember one high-security password, and along with the 2FA system in place for extra security, all your other passwords in Keeper will be tightly locked away from hackers.

Martarna’s Keeper = peace of mind that your accounts and digital presence are secure.

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It's been a year since meeting Peter from Martarna who introduced me to the world of password managers in KEEPER. After doing my research on KEEPER and the other similar products in the market, I can certainly say KEEPER has exceeded my expectations with it's user-friendly features amongst the other products. The BREACHWATCH feature in Keeper has been so good & was an eye-opener for me knowing that a number of my old passwords were out there for someone to crack & compromise the accounts linked to it so easily. The usability of KEEPER is also worth a mention and I love the fact that I can use the Keeper App on my phone too when I'm on the move. Having the 2FA inbuilt as an added layer of security is a bonus.

All in all, I think KEEPER is the product to go with and Peter is just excellent at making sure it all works at it's best for the user each time. I would highly recommend having a word with Peter to get you setup with this cost effective & excellent product.

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